Humanistic Perspective And External Enviornment Of Management Essay

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Humanistic perspective Human capital is the most valuable asset among a business. It can be realized to be a powerful competitive advantage by having a good management. However, it might also costs a company lot and be a fetal factor which can kill your business. Human resource management is an essential skill for managers and leaders of any size of business in order to build up and maintain their competitiveness among the market. Humanistic perspective on management is focus on the understanding of the employees’ needs, work motivation, behaviors and attitude among the workplace. It consists of three main subtopics: • Human resources perspective: • Human relation movement: • Behavioral science approach: The main concept of developing humanistic perspective is designing and creating a suitable workplace which can satisfy employees’ need and increase their productivity. To be able to getting a better idea of that, recalling Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a good start point. Maslow's hierarchy of needs • Physiological: That is the basic needs and requirements for human survive. They are also the needs making the human body simply continue to function For example: air, food and water. • Safety: These include such things as shelter from the elements, feeling secure from attack, freedom from disorder, fear and anxiety • Love/belonging: This level involves emotionally-based relationships in general, such as: Friendship, having a supportive and communicative family. Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. • Esteem: These include such things as the need to achieve and recognition. Recognition by others of competence and accomplishments. Satisfaction of these needs leads to feelings of self-confidence, worth, strength, and capability. • Self-actualization: These refer to the need to find

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