Humanistic Behaviors Essay

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Sanchez Smith GE 273 Wed Microeconomics There are a number of things to consider when opening a hamburger stand. The first thing I would do is visit locally run hamburger stands and even major food chain restaurants in the area to see how those are run. This way, I could get some ideas on what I may need and the best hours to operate my business. In additional, I would need a DBA license. I will also need a seller’s permit for paying sales tax on my revenue. I would call my hamburger stand “Doggie Style Burgers”. My signature burger would be called “Your Position”. Next, I would need to find the right location for my hamburger stand. There are several key considerations when locating the appropriate location for a hamburger stand. Foot traffic is important, so I would try to locate a vacant lot near business districts, busy intersections, or shopping malls. Majority of my business will more than likely come from the business lunch crowd or people out running errands. I would also choose a location that is easily accessible with sufficient parking space. I would also make sure my business sign is eye catching and can be easily seen by onlookers and anyone driving by. In addition, I will also need a company to purchase all my food and supplies from. Food items would include hamburger patties, French fries, hot dogs, buns, any type of condiment the customers may be likely to choose and many different kinds of drinks. Those wouldn’t be the only food items I would need; cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, and onion would be other more common food items to be kept as regular supply in a hamburger stand. Pop would be one of the more popular drinks to keep in supply, and the most cost effective would probably be to purchase the syrup and serve as fountain drinks. A few examples of paper supplies that will be

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