Human Values Essay

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Katie felt worried when she woke up, not at all like her usual cheerful self. The sky was gray through the window. She pulled on her robe and slipped down to the kitchen. She could smell the coffee her mother was brewing. She hugged her mother from behind and asked, “Is Papa home yet?” Her mother’s tired face answered her as she turned around. “I’m sure he’s fine, Katie. They’ve been late getting in before.” “Not this late.” “I know.” Mama gave her a quick hug. George ran into the kitchen, yelling, “Is Papa home yet?” Their silence answered. “Oh.” George slid into a chair, looking dejected. “Come, let’s have breakfast,” said Mama, “and try not to worry. Your Dad is very smart and his partner is a good one.” “But it’s not even stormy, it’s just overcast,” protested Katie. “So why is the boat so late?” “Unusual things can happen at sea,” said Mama. “Let’s just trust that all is well, and keep praying.” They said a prayer for Papa and Hector before eating breakfast. “I got a special feeling just now,” said Katie, “that Papa is all right.” “You know, I did too,” said Mama. Her smile was full of relief. “But, since we’re all a little worried, let’s stay together today. It’s early. Let’s just do a few chores quickly and then I’ll go out in the dinghy with you.” “You’ll go out with us, Mama?” said George, shocked. “I’m not as old as you think, George. I bet I can still swim faster than you and I’m sure I’m still good with an oar,” laughed Mama. “That I would like to see,” laughed Katie. “Are you still a faster swimmer than me?” “I don’t know,” smiled Mama, “you’re growing up so fast, but I can still swim faster than a nine-year old,” she said as she tousled George’s hair. It was fresh and bright by the time they got down to the dinghy. Katie and George were good rowers. Soon they were on their way out, enjoying the fresh air and the

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