Human Trafficking in China

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Human Trafficking in China Human trafficking occurs all over the world in many different levels. Is is wrong for people to control them in an unfair advantage. The human trafficking in China is known all over the world and it definitely has one of the biggest problems concerning this issue. Women and young kids are sold in the country, as well as out of the country, to become owned for sex and/or labor duties. Over 7,000 police officers police officers from 14 provincial regions took part in a joint operation busting trafficking networks. Success has been reached with continuous effort. The country rescued 8,660 children, and 15,000 women in over 3,000 busts of human trafficking gangs. The entire problem was influenced by the lack of females across the country. There was a need for the men to have sexual intercourse when it was difficult to find a woman where 2/3s of the population is men. Busts of trafficking gangs occur more often now in China more than they were. Just in the March of 2012, four trafficking rings were caught and was responbile for over 70 slaves, and over 300 suspects were involved in just four trafficking rings. Such a high number of slaves was caused by the kingpins who convinced the girl about career opportunities that are well-paying. The gangs promise the girl for the best job offer one can obtain, but force the teenagers and women into sex if they want to be alive. China is fully aware of this ongoing issue and has taken initiative to crack down and stop illegal human trafficking. China has made pacts with other Asian countries as well as African countries to help crack down on this issue. China has also been making and signing pacts with other countries in Asia and Africa. Human trafficking in China is very bad, perhaps the worst in the entire world. It is completely illegal, but the money income is very beneficial, so the gangs will

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