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Human Trafficking: Slave Trade in America Sharon A. Arsenault Liberty University CJUS 420 Dr. Jeffrey Fox December 8, 2014 Thesis Human trafficking isn’t something that everyone has heard about, and most would assume it doesn’t happen in our country. It is more common than one would think, and results in the selling and/or trading of men, women and children against their will, and forcing them into modern day slavery. Human Trafficking: Slave Trade in America According to Chris Swecker, Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigative Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, “The average age of a child first used in prostitution is 11 to 14, with some as young as 9 years of age. Children used in prostitution consist of both male and female victims and come from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds,” (2005, It’s important for the criminal justice field to address this, as this is something that is growing every day and doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The Bureau of Justice Statistics states “about 8 in 10 of the suspected incidents of human trafficking were classified as sex trafficking, and about 1 in 10 incidents were classified as labor trafficking,”(2011, BJS. This is important to me as I have worked with children most of my adult life, and the thought of one of them being bought and sold into slavery is unbearable. It has to stop. In a country as great as America, with all the advantages afforded to all, this shouldn’t be happening. This paper will address current data in the investigation procedures in place and what investigators are doing to prevent human trafficking. Investigating human trafficking is not an easy process. In other criminal investigations, there is the use of witnesses and most times a crime has been noticeably committed. Investigating human trafficking takes years and many man hours to get

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