Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking Zeina Bannout Dr. Darwin Driggers Criminal Justice Human Trafficking has been going on since the 1800’s. Whether human trafficking is done willingly or forced it is considered a serious crime and a violation of human rights. Human trafficking is what the government calls modern day slavery. Some of the things human trafficking involves is illegal border crossers, forced slavery, and how the government responds to it. Human trafficking is now rapidly developing in to a worldwide topic. First of all, about 75-80% of human trafficking has to do with sex. Thousands of women try and find a easy way out and willingly give themselves up for prostitution to make a living out of it. Prostitution is popularly referred to as the world old profession. It is an inevitable form of labor in human trafficking. Most of these women find themselves cartels or people that can get them across the border, whether it is the United States or other parts in the world, so they can be involved in the human trafficking industry. In most cases these women have to deal with getting physically and verbally abused just to get paid. The Women that are forced into the trafficking industry are usually sold by boyfriends, neighbors that have been watching or surprisingly their own parents. These women are basically owned and traded whenever it is convenient for the person that “owns” them. These women are forcibly drugged, raped, physically and psychologically tortured. The women that are forced into human trafficking are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy, diseases, and HIV. Even if the women are rescued from the horrible things they were experienced they usually cannot come back to a regular way of living, they start suffering from insomnia, extreme fear and suicidal thoughts. Victims of human trafficking usually end up turning to hard drugs

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