Human Trafficking Essay

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Know The Signs As part of the fight against human trafficking it is important that we are all aware of the nature of the problem. Whether as employers, professionals in health and social services or simply as members of the public we all have a role to play in being vigilant and maintaining a high level of alertness to the possibility of trafficking crimes going on in our communities. It is important that if you have any suspicions you should contact the Helpline on 1890 25 00 25 from 9a.m. to 9p.m. What to look out for: LIST OF INDICATORS OF TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS (as set out in UNGIFT - United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking): General Indicators Children Domestic Servitude Sexual Exploitation Labour Exploitation Begging and Petty Crime Delphi Indicators [pic] People who have been trafficked may: • Believe that they must work against their will • Be unable to leave their work environment • Show signs that their movements are being controlled • Show fear or anxiety • Be subjected to violence or threats against themselves or against their family members and loved ones • Suffer injuries that appear to be the result of an assault • Suffer injuries or impairments typical of certain jobs or control measures • Be distrustful of the authorities • Be threatened with being handed over to the authorities • Be afraid of revealing their immigration status • Not be in possession of their passports or other travel or identity documents, as those documents are being held by someone else • Have false identity or travel documents • Be unfamiliar with the local language • Not know their home or work address • Allow others to speak for them when addressed directly • Act as if they were instructed by someone else • Be forced to work under

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