Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Sex Trafficking: Reality that is too close to home Sociology 110 MW 8-10 Professor Coleman April 13, 2011 Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery. Its victims are forced or convinced into labor or sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is a form of serious mistreatment and abuse. Trafficking exploits human beings for revenue through sex, forced labor and human organs. (Fox, 2007). Human trafficking affects mainly women and children. Human traffickers use many ways to trap their victims and Thousands of people a year are trafficked across national borders. Even more are trafficked inside their own country (Fox, 2007). Human trafficking can affect everyone, but it mostly effects women and children (Wikipedia, 2011). Many victims are no longer just runaways, or children without families. A lot of the children trafficked are from what most people would consider “good” families, and are lured away from their homes by smart and clever predators. Every year six hundred thousand to eight hundred thousand people are trafficked all around the world (Fox, 2007). This does not count the millions of people trafficked inside their own countries. In America alone, well over one hundred thousand children and young women are trafficked every single year (Wikipedia, 2011). They range from nine years old to nineteen years, and the average age of being trafficked in eleven years old (Gryniewicz, 2005). A human trafficker uses many ways to trapped or abducted their victim. In some cases they use physical force but in most cases they use false promises regarding job opportunities or marriages in foreign countries (Fox, 2007). Many of the victims are drugged to fight as soldiers, men chained in labor mines and farms, women enslaved in quarries, women and girls trapped in the sex trade, and boys force to fish in dangerous waters. They are paid literally nothing

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