Human Traffcking Essay

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Human Trafficking and Economic Troubles in Eastern Europe Human trafficking can be seen in every part of the world, with every age group. Victims of human trafficking are most often younger women and children who are either forced into the sex slave trade because of financial and or living situations, while others are kidnapped. Human trafficking is a large business in Eastern Europe, “more than one fourth of the world’s human trafficking trade is centered in or out of Eastern Europe” according to the A 21 Campaign website. After the end of the communist regimes in Europe economic crisis occurred which created the breakdown of social services, unemployment, and dramatically lower living standards for large numbers of the population. This economic crisis caused many people to leave their home country and pursue other work, which has helped the sex industry of human trafficking to further develop throughout Europe Social policy in the communist era was “characterized by a highly centralized top-down approach.”(European Social Network). However, in the last two decades, Central and Eastern European countries have gone through many changes: transitioning from “socialism to capitalism, from central command to free market economy and liberal democracy” (European Social Network). This has forced the social services to be” reinvented and to adapt to this new reality whilst carrying out their work for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. Some large challenges are occurring in Eastern Europe still though, such as: “de-institutionalization of care, decentralization of services and the development of quality standards in social services”. These challenges social services challenges are still affecting Eastern Europe today. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the creation of these social services problems the human trafficking sex trade erupted in Eastern Europe. Women

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