Human Symbolic Activity Essay

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We live in a world today where communication is vital. Our means of communication have changed over the years. Now we have email, cell phones, pagers, text messages, instant messages, and telephones. One of the more useful devices is the cell phone. Dom Joly is the creator and star of a British television show called “Trigger Happy TV.” The show is a hidden camera show where he plays tricks on normal people. The show has a recurring sketch where Joly shouts into a giant cell phone. He does this in many public places where it is unnecessary and almost obnoxious to talk even on a normal cell phone. He always starts the scene off playing a familiar ring tone. He then pulls out a giant phone and screams “HELLO?” and proceeds to shout his conversation. I think he’s trying to show us how much we rely on our cell phones, and how obnoxious it can be to use them all of the time. Cell phones are great, but they are meant to be a tool to make communication easier. Some people can’t live without their phones. It can be annoying seeing people on their phones or texting all the time. Joly said in an interview that there was a time when he lost his cell phone for a week. He said the first day was hard, but eventually dealt with it. He said he remembered a time where cell phones weren’t around but life was fine. He said the cell phone is the most annoying thing in the world to him, and he pokes fun at that in his show. It is interesting and extremely funny watching the show. It’s funny watching the way he talks, but it is also makes me realize that people really do glorify their phones. It makes me wonder what the world would be like if cell phones didn’t exist for a

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