Human Sexuality and the Media Essay

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Teenagers are being exposed to large amounts of sexual content in today’s media. How is this exposure affecting the behaviors and attitudes of today’s teens? Most exposure comes from television, music, and video games. Much of the development of unhealthy sexual values is the result of an onslaught of attitudes which are becoming culturally acceptable as a result of the activities delivered through media and social media. The acts do not come with an understanding of how incorrect behaviors promoted in various forms of media can undo an individual’s life for many years to come. Video games like Grand Theft Auto have nudity, sex and violence. The messages, behaviors and attitudes towards women are not positive. The manufacturers, users and even parents allowing the purchase and use of these games frequently promote thoughts that this is just a game. Parents can talk to their teens about what they know and do not know to be correct behaviors. In truth, there’s an underlying attitude which becomes acceptable without the individual even being aware they have adopted this cultural value. Characters promote attitudes such as, Oh ya, smack that ho when she talks back, and take her the f@#k down if she give you lip(Trends). Teenagers are at a point in their lives when they are developing values, beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. The lack of adequate sex education has turned the media into sex educators. Fifty percent of teens ages 15-19 are having sex, even less are using protection. In 2013 there were about 26 births for every 1000 adolescent females ages 15-19 (Trends). While advertisers are fine with using sex to sell anything from hotel rooms to shampoo, they are not yet willing to advertise contraception. Today’s television shows have kissing, conversations about sex, intercourse, and nudity (Strasburger). Television and music lyrics add to sexuality confusion.

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