Human Sexuality Essay

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RELATIONSHIP SATISFACTION Name: Institutional Affiliation: Course: Date: Abstract This paper focuses on human sexuality and the manner in which people express themselves sexually. It delves into the different aspects of human sexuality and addresses the cultural disparities present in the quest to clearly define sexual ethos. This paper also attempts to portray the various definitions of sexual expression as it further examines sexual self-esteem and the various manners in which, self-esteem can be built or destroyed. Sexual satisfaction in relationships is also addressed in this paper as well the correlation between sexual satisfaction, sexual assertiveness, and sexual self-esteem. The sexual choice made by people and the sexual communication thereof, which, determines the preferences made by people in their sexual encounters is also highlighted. This paper concludes by asserting that there exists a significant difference in people’s sexual expressions, which, are more inclined to and particularly determined by their self-esteem. Introduction Human sexuality is how human beings express themselves sexually. Usually driven by desires of sexual pleasure, human sexuality has physical, biological, and emotional aspects. Biologically, human sexuality refers to the reproductive system as well as fundamental biological drive, which exists in all the species and can include sexual contact and sexual intercourse in all forms (Birnbaum et al, 2001). Emotional aspects deal with deep emotions relating to social bonds and associated sexual acts. Physical aspects around sexuality range from medical considerations to physiological or psychological and even sociological aspects of sexual behaviors. In this paper, I will strive to determine whether there is any

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