Human Sexuality Essay

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Part I: Annotated Historical Timeline Human sexuality is the way we understand and convey ourselves as sexual beings; the consciousness of ourselves as males or females and the ability we have for erotic experiences and responses during sexual intercourse. When people think sexuality they thing only sex, but sexuality is more than just sex. It is sexual attitudes, feelings and behavior. Also dimension of personality and source of great physical emotion and pleasure. Now that we know a little bit about what human sexuality is we are going to go into the history of it and how we got to the way we described human sexuality as opposed to the way it was described in the earlier years . in other words to see how arrived in the 21st century we must examine the history of sexual attitudes in our own culture For the Ancient Judaism sexual life was harsh but they considered it a great advantage to have many children. They had a biblical saying and God blessed them, and god said to them “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it”. Judaism did not believe in homosexuality if someone was homosexual that meant death for them. Same thing for women adulterers they got death as well. They believed in procreation and ejaculating only in the vagina, so they don’t lose their seeds. Hebrews of biblical times believed that humans were in image of God, and therefore they wore not ashamed of any part of their bodies including their genitals (King, B. M. 2012, p10) Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that body and soul are separated and antagonistic. They strongly emphasized on marriage and family. They had considerable sexual freedom outside of marriage. They believed and encouraged student and teacher relationship, especially for boy’s students and female teachers and man teachers with female students. Dualism was a big part of how Greeks and romans got their believes

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