Human Services Worker

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Human Service Workers Human Service Worker It can be said that it takes a special kind of person to work in the field of human services. Human service workers often enter into their clients lives at a low point. This makes their job that much more important. There are characteristics that the human service worker must possess in order to be successful. There are also skills that a human service workers needs to possess before gaining employment in the human services field. While some might innately possess the skills required, some might have to develop the skills needed. Some might call a person that innately possesses the skills necessary for work within the human services sector a “natural born helper.” If deep thought is given to the topic, almost everyone can tell of a person in their life that is a natural born helper. That person would most likely possess the characteristics and skills required to be a successful human service worker. Characteristics for Success There are personal characteristics that should be considered essential for a successful career in human services. Warmth, genuineness, and empathy are three personal characteristics that make for a more successful human service worker (Parrott, 2003). A human service worker that is warm is “caring and freeing” (Parrott, 2003). Also a warm human service worker will show concern and interest in their client. A warm human service worker is easy to talk to and creates an environment that is inviting for their clients. A human service worker that is genuine shows an authentic concern for the well being of another person. True genuineness cannot be faked. Another characteristic that that aids in the success of a human service worker is appreciation for diversity ()****. The field of human services is filled with diversity. There is diversity in the clientele as
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