Human Services Needs Awareness Worksheet

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University of Phoenix Material Human Services Needs Assessment Worksheet Select three groups from the following list: * People with a mental illness * Homeless individuals * Criminals * People with a mental disability * People with HIV or AIDS * People with a physical disability * Poor individuals * Older adults * Individuals with substance addictions * Survivors of domestic violence * Unemployed individuals Using Ch. 2 of Human Services in Contemporary America, complete the table for the chosen groups by writing a 60- to 85-word response in each column. An example has been completed as a guide. Group | Conditions of or problems facing the group in need | Unmet needs | Description…show more content…
Individual who are HIV- positive are more likely to be people of color, residents of inner cities. | AIDS victims are placed at a disadvantage in the competition because they are perceived by having made personal lifestyles some argue that we should not be require to pay for their consequences of their choices. | Information hot lines it gives out information on community AIDS groups around the country, educational materials that provided by federal, state and local governments, counseling for AIDS patients families and those at risk for AIDS, Assistance in locating medical, dental, and other health services, transportation to medical care. | Assistance with insurance coverage, housing and civil right issues, 100 community-based organization have started to provide support groups for patients families.…show more content…
Emotional abuse is when the abuser may withhold money, forbid the other from working, socializing, or see family and threaten the victim with harm. Women are abused every year by males partners victims may feel helpless trapped, unable to escape their better some feel that they love their abuser and hope that they can change the abusive behavior. | There are not enough shelters available for all battered women also there are a long waiting list for battered women and there are the lack of funds for the battered women so some become homeless | The family justice centers is opened in the united states, it’s to improve the lives of family violence victims through community collaboration these centers opened up in New York City, San Diego, San Antonio, and 12 other cities. It offer medical care, counseling, law enforcement assistance, social services, employment assistance and housing. | They are staffed by nonprofit agencies and supported by community leader’s government agencies and caring individuals.

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