Human Services Essay

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Differentiating Between Public and Private Organization Differentiating Between Public and Private Organization The differences between public and private organizations is public organization is funded by the government. A private organization is funded by private individuals. This paper will discuss the difference between the two, and their role in each organization. Social Policy Affecting Human Services Social policies and changes being made can affect human services in many ways. Depending on the changes being made and the area of human services being affected, it can cause loss of services, programs offered, and funding. This can cause a big impact on how human services function. Public versus Private Organization An area that public and private organizations may address funding differently is where the funds come from and how much. Private organizations funding comes from profit-making and non-profit. This leads to management to be under pressure to keep cost down and to show profits being made to their benefit. Public organizations funding’s come from the general public. The public funding comes from many sources and has very limited restrictions and stipulations on the funds. Private organizations receive their funds from limited resources that have restrictions. Public organizations can receive other sources then money to assist with help, while private organizations do not. Conclusion As an advocate, the areas of focus for a client would be looking at all the areas of needs and funding required for help. The goal would be to seek funding that is not being asked to be repaid by the client. The other would be seeking information on the requirements of both private and public organizations that would better assist the client’s needs at that time. It is the advocate’s responsibility to

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