Human Service Agency Visit Essay

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Human Service Agency Visit Jessica Parker BSHS/301 3/29/2011 Jaime McKay Human Service Agency Visit Human service agencies provide services for those who cannot provide basic needs for themselves. Homes offering shelter to teens (HOST) is a program for runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth that provides shelter and support services. (North West Human Services, 2010, p.1). These teens and youth are often homeless or in an unstable living situation and in immediate need of shelter and services. HOST offers a safe place to go where they can learn skills, gain education and find employment. The goal is to develop adolescents into responsible and productive adults who live independently. Like other organizations HOST has a mission statement and a vision. The mission statement states that “north west human services meets the needs of community members regardless of social or economic status by providing comprehensive medical, dental, mental health and social services with respect, compassion and acceptance of culture and linguistic diversity.” (Jessica Munoz, personal communication, March 23, 2011). The vision for HOST is that “as long as there is need in our community we will continue to be a safety net providing healthcare and social services.” (Jessica Munoz, personal communication, March 23, 2011). When teens stay at the shelter, staff and counselors work with them and their families to help create a stable living condition so they are able to be reunited as soon as possible and if the family is unable to be reunited other community placements are made. (North West Human Services, 2010, p.5). HOST provides resources to help families create stable living environments for their teens. Without these resources many families would remain separated and unable to provide stability for their children. Helping youth off the streets and creating a stable living
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