Human Rights Violations in America

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Human Rights Violations in America Human rights are the natural laws that all humans are entitled to just for existing regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Political, civil, and social rights are among the many human rights people should have. Political rights give people the right to vote, voice political opinions, and participate in the political process. Civil rights include personal liberties, such as freedom of speech, thought, and religion. Social rights are the right to health care, education, and other social benefits. America is known as the land the “free” but if you were convicted of a felony and have served your time you no longer have political rights. This is among many examples of Americans being denied their human rights. By denying citizens their political rights leaves no doubt that there are human right violations in America. America has more freedom offered here than in many other countries but that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t violating human rights here in America as well in other countries. The US expects other countries to treat their people equally and not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion. A prime example of human rights violations by the United States was the detention center known as Guantanamo Bay which housed hundreds of “suspected” terrorist in Cuba. In this facility the government arrested people from other countries and brought them back to Guantanamo where the prisoners were abused mentally and physically. The harsh conditions that the prisoners were faced with are a major violation of human rights by the United States. Many countries look to the United States when it comes to human rights and would like to instill them in their country. But constantly the US violates human rights and gets away with it. Our actions aren’t setting a good example for other countries because if we can’t
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