Human Rights and Mental Health

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Human Rights and Mental Health Are human rights infringed in treatments for mental health? ‘Human rights are legal obligations owed by states and public authorities to everyone. Governments and public authorities must act in a way that respects human rights. Governments must also pass laws to ensure that individuals respect each other’s human rights.’ (The Human Rights Act 1998.) The Human Rights Act 1998 incorporates the rights found in the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law. Are human rights infringed in treatments for mental health? After exploring several different websites, I came across In an article about ethical dilemmas in mental health nursing, it says; ‘Some ethical dilemmas are specific to mental health nursing and are rarely seen in other areas of practice. An involuntary commitment to care, or a decision made by a family member on behalf of the patient, is often made to protect the patient from harming herself or others. The patient might contest this decision. This presents an ethical dilemma because psychiatric patients have the same legal rights as other citizens.’ What are our legal human rights which are relevant to mental health treatment? * Article 2: The right to life. * Article 3: The prohibition of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment. * Article 5: The right to liberty. * Article 6: The right to a fair hearing. * Article 8: The right to a private and family life. * Article 9: The right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. * Article 10: Freedom of expression. * Article 12: The right to marry. * Article 14: The right not to be discriminated against. * Article 1 of protocol 1: The right to property. * Article 2 of protocol 1: The right to education. * Article 3 of protocol 1: The right to vote. Article 2 protects the right to life. It is
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