Human Rights Abuses in Russia

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Since the fall of communism in 1991, the Russian Federation has been blighted by accusations of human rights abuse. Under Vladimir Putin, the FSB has been accused of acting with impunity and there have been allegations of gross abuse across many specters of Russian society. According to European Court of Human Rights, as of 31/12/2007, 26% of all cases regarding violations of human rights stem from Russia . Over the course of this essay, I will attempt to highlight the issues, which in my view, are the leading violations of human rights in the Russian federation. I will primarily focus on four key elements. First of all: violations within the Russian army. I will examine reports systematic abuse, torture and murder under an old phenomenon known as dedovshchina. Secondly I will investigate the events surrounding the Chechen Wars and what role Russian soldiers played in human rights absues during this conflict. Thirdly, I will view the judicial and prison system of Russia using two specific examples: Sergei Magnitksy and Mikhail Khodorkovsky and the events surrounding their incarceration. Finally I will analyse human rights violations regarding political activists in Russia. In this argument, I will consider the case of Journalist Anna Politkovskaya. My goal in this essay is simply to give prominence to these issues, which unfortunately have become an all too familiar occurrence in Russian society. “The only way to avoid physical abuse is complete submission” . This is the opinion of conscript code-named Alexander D, one of the many young soldiers who fell victim to the brutalities of the Russian army. One of the most potent cases of human rights violations comes to light in the armed services of Russia. Throughout the first year of their military service,
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