Human Rights Essay

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Human Rights Carolyn M. Blue SSW 515 02/11/15 University of New England Human Rights Human Rights can be defined as people being equally entitled to be treated the same as everyone else. This includes people of all races, nationality, sex, ethnic origin, religion and language (What are human rights? , n.d.). All people are to be treated without discrimination. When it comes to health care, the right to health should be universally recognized as fundamental to human dignity, freedom and wellbeing (Human Right to Health, n.d.). The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (Human Right to Health, n.d.). It is often said that health care is a privilege for the wealthy few and not a right for all (Larson, 2009). The International Covenant on Econcmic, Social and Cultural Rights was passed by the United Nations in 1966, but was not signed by the U.S. until 1979 (Larson, 2009). This convenant was designed so that everyone could have the greatest standard of health care. The rights of people led to this system that monitor and oversee how governments from around the world comply with human rights standards. One of the core functions of United Nations is to promote and protect human rights all around the world (Human Rights: A Global Vision, n.d.). When it comes to the rights of humans to health care it should be affordable and of good quality. It should be medically appropriate reguardless of gender, age, culture, language, and class level. It must also be available in all geographical areas and to all communities. This is not always the case in the United States. Health care providers should respect dignity and provide culturally appropriate care and they should also be responsive to the needs of their patients with respect to ethics and they must

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