Human Rights Essay

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The best way to improve human rights in a country is to make it wealthier.' Do you agree? On one hand I believe that there is significant evidence to show that making a country wealthier does not improve their human rights. One of the most prominent examples of this is the Donald Trump case in Aberdeen. Donald Trump a figure head for American entrepreneurialism decided in 2006 to build a billion pound golf course on a site of special scientific interest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Although this plan led to controversy and opposition was voiced by environmentalists and the local council it still went ahead due to an overruling by the Scottish government. The First Minister Alex Salmond justified the unusual step of permitting development on a site of special scientific interest by citing the huge economic benefits that Donald Trump’s golf course and hotel would bring to the economy of Scotland. This overruling is a perfect example of how the country was not working as a democracy and people’s views were being ignored by the government. Many human rights were abused during the development of Trump’s golf course that could have been avoided and dealt with as the country was in a position to stop the developments and should have invested more in insuring that peoples human rights were not abused as they would have made that money up again from the money that the golf course and hotel would bring to the economy of Scotland. Some examples of the human rights abused are; the right to privacy, the right to your own land, the right to shelter. Donald Trump abused the local people’s privacy by insulting a local farmer on TV claiming that he lived in ‘a slum’ and that he acted like a ‘pig’. Also people’s land rights and their right to shelter were abused as Trump’s developments were built on peoples land and people were also forced to move from their homes. Many people were

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