Human Rights Essay

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Gabriel Weon 10VKT 10SOS DESCRIBE A HISTORICAL OR CONTEMPORARY SITUATION YOU HAVE STUDIED WHERE HUMAN RIGHTS HAVE BEEN ABUSED. HOW HAVE PEOPLE IN THIS SITUATION STRUGGLED TO ACHIEVE HUMANA RIGHTS? Slavery is a major case where human rights have been abused. Many black people were beaten, raped and had no right of freedom. Slaves lived in such poor living conditions and did not have the perfect lifestyle as others. Many slaves protested and resisted from the abused matter, but only few succeeded to receive their right. Due to slavery, many people have been mistreated, discriminated and struggled with their everyday life. The African slave trade was a major impact in the slavery history. The African slave trade was the largest in voluntary migration in history with over twelve million Africans carried to America and the Caribbean. Most Africans were captured in the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Africans who could speak the same language or knew each other were spilt up and given new names. The slave trade ships had very poor conditions and they had the slaves all chained together, therefore there was no space to move. While they are manacled there were a few corpses for a few did not survive. The crew did not take the corpse out for the ship was overcrowded and had no space to move about in to go back and forth. Hot coal was fed to those who tried to starve themselves. Whilst it was a punishment it was a lesson taught to others boarded on the ship. Since the slaves were unable to move, they could not go to the bathroom and had to excrete at the position they were in. Dysentery was a common on board so the slaves were fed food which was for constipation. After the voyage, the slaves were sold to plantation owners or put up auction blocks or be sold individually. The slave trade was a harsh abuse to a human right itself. The Africans were unable to have a

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