Human Rights Essay

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Human rights Human rights are the things that people believe each individual person is entitled, these are principles based of fairness, justice and equality. Many countries have put these human rights into law by signing the Geneva Convention and the Convention on Human Rights. Unfortunately not all countries have. In democratic countries the citizens are allowed to do anything that the law does not forbid. In the UK there are 4 main pieces of legislation/agreements that enforce human rights; these are the Geneva Convention, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998. Geneva Convention The Geneva Convention can be traced back to 1859 and originated from a civilian witnessing war and was horrified by the amount of wounded soldiers that were left without aid. This led him to call for organisations that will aid the wounded and international agreements to protect the wounded and those helping them from attack. This spawned the International Committee of the Red Cross. In 1864 a treaty was signed by 12 nations in which they agreed to care for the sick and wounded and leave the Red Cross unharmed as a neutral party. There are now four Geneva Conventions which cover issues such as the armed forces and the treatment of prisoners. The first and second convention stated five points these are; that the sick, wounded and shipwrecked must be cared for, the wounded enemy must be treated as one of your own, the dead should be collected quickly, identified and protected from robbery and medical personnel and institutions must not be attacked. The third convention has six main points that are based on prisoners of war rights, these are; that you only need to state name, rank and service number, you must be treated humanely, must be able to inform next of kin and the Red Cross of your capture, must be allowed to

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