Human Rights Essay

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Abstract The following research contains discussion into the sensitive but often disregarded issue of human rights. The discussion begins by first defining the concept of human rights before proceeding to give suitable examples of the same. The research then examines the causes and effects of violation of human rights and enshrined therein, will be the importance of the said rights. The decision to combine the effects of violation and importance of human rights was arrived at after research clearly established that the two go hand in hand. This in essence means that the importance of human rights is often appreciated following the disastrous reactions to infringements of the same. Moreover, the research will examine incidences of human rights across the world and will focus on crucial lessons learned from countries currently experiencing or experienced issues resulting from violations of human rights. Before concluding, the research will briefly diverge into important but often overlooked human rights of the youth. Based on the discussed importance of human rights, the research will conclude by giving recommendations on what ought to be done to avert future human rights violations. Introduction By definition, human rights refer to the basic inherent rights people possess as a result of the simple fact that they are human. Such rights, as the phrase “inherent” implies, cannot be created nor abrogated by any institution or government. These rights are universal implying that regardless of geographic location, race, sex or creed, all people are entitled to the basic rights which include: political rights, liberty and equality (employment), right to education, freedom of speech, assembly and association, freedom of movement and so on. These rights owe their universality to the support they receive from quite a number of treaties and international

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