Human Rights Essay

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Ernest Petion 4/15/12 Gospel Values Project Throughout these four years of high school we have had projects that taught us valuable lessons about life and also about other people, their cultures, and beliefs. Freshman year we were to write about a belief system to broaden our view on life and to see and learn about other religious beliefs. Sophomore year we wrote about human rights violations that was being taken place in different parts of the world. Junior year we wrote about rights and responsibilities and how some groups had to work hard to achieve equality in America. All these topics teach us that we should accept other people and we should see the problems that other people face in and out of the country. Confucianism was my belief system for freshman year I think that it is amazing how one man’s teaching was believed to be so insightful that it became a religion. Confucianism is a belief that is based on pace and righteousness. They have a religious book called the Si Shu. They have five ethical teachings which are Li, which is ritual propriety and etiquette, Hsiao, Which is lone within the family, Yi, which is righteousness, Xin is honesty and trustworthiness, Jen is benevolence, and Chung which is loyalty to state. Another big belief in Confucianism is Filial Piety. This is respect for family, especially parents and elders. Confucianism started with a man named Confucius who was born in the year 551 B.C in the state of Lu China. As he got older he wandered around the country of china and was advising the many leaders. As he wandered he had accumulated several followers who he would spend the last years of his life teaching. Somalia was where I chose to write about human rights violations that I

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