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Human Rights Essay When people are asked about Human Rights, they had trouble giving an answer, and barely a few people answered with the basics as the right of protection for life, liberty and property. Human rights are the rights you have simply because you are a human, no matter where you are from, your religion, sex, or ideals etc. There are thirty Universal Human Rights. Human rights had developed over time, starting in 539B.C. in Ancient Persia, city of Babylon, by Cyrus the Great who freed the slaves, and let the people to choose their own religion and promoted racial equality. In 1251, in England, King John of England separated church and state. In 1628, in England, English parliament started the petition of rights, which promoted no unfair detainment. In July 4th 1776, in the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson promoted individual rights. In 1787 and 1791, in Philadelphia, the U.S. federal government carried out the Bill of Rights, which gave people the freedom of speech, religion, assembly, to petition and to keep and bear arms. In 1789, in France, the people of France carried out the Declaration of the men and of the citizen which stated that all citizens are equal under the law with rights of liberty, property, security and resistance of oppression. In 1864 in Geneva, Europeans agreed in the convention which is to provide care without discrimination to wounded and sick military personal. In 1945, San Francisco, delegates from fifty countries met at the United Nations conference to promote peace and prevent future wars. In December 10th of 1948, The United States of America, under Eleanor Roosevelt carried out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and promoted the freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from fear and want, and all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Over time, the thirty Universal Human Rights are

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