Human Rights Essay

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“Any human society, if it is to be well-ordered and productive, must lay down as a foundation this principle, namely, that every human being is a person; that is, his nature is endowed with intelligence and free will. Indeed, precisely because he is a person he has rights and obligations flowing directly and simultaneously from his nature. And these rights and obligations are universal and inviolable, so they cannot in any way be surrendered.” This quote comes from Justice and Peace by J. Milburn Thompson. This quote is an accurate depiction of what human rights stand for. It is a right that is believed to belong justifiably to every human person. There are many ways to describe human rights. One effective way human rights were described was through the cold war’s division of rights into three “worlds”. These three “worlds” are basic needs, freedom, and relationships. Things such as food and shelter, freedom to associate with others and to make political decisions, and how we depend on our community are all aspects that support these three “worlds”. Another way human rights are described is by the way society and social institutions view them. Again there are three dimensions. Personal rights protect a person’s life, bodiliness, self-determination, sociability, work, sexuality, and family just to name a few. Social rights provide a condition that allows the human person to thrive. Such things could be health care, political participation, and education. Last, instrumental rights help form the institutions that structure human life. These structures would include court systems, government, and educational systems. “These two ways of describing or elaborating human rights,” says Thompson, “…1)according to sectors or spheres of the human person and 2) according to the kinds of personal, social, and institutional relationships involved are helpful keys for unlocking

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