Human Rights Essay

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Issues of the World Human Rights Every day humans treat each other depending on their economic standard, race, and many other things. Sometimes in life we don’t realize how we treat each other as a family, friends or even just a person that we juts met, sometimes we disrespect with out no reason or we torture or fight people just because they don’t think like us or just because of the fun of it, because even thought we don’t realize it there’s many people out there that laugh at the time when someone is suffering, but what happens when things get out of control?, Since the beginning of time humans has done many bad things to each other, even in or time 2008 we still so things to other humans, For example slavery, holocaust, world war 1 and 2, the cold war, civil wars where people fight their own race just because they don’t think like everyone else, racism and many other horrible things but how can we solve this problem?, how can we make someone realize that they are doing the wrong thing?, or even better how can I realize that I haven’t done bad things to anyone?, Is not like a hero is going to come and save us from hurting ourselves, well there is so many questions, many problems that needs to be solve among humans, but one thing that we could do is learned to respect other people with out judging them, we need to listen to others opinions, and most importantly we need to accept people not because of they have or what they look like because not everything in life has to do with your appearance, we need to accept people because of what they have on the

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