Human Rights Essay

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A country is democratic only when the lowborn and mild person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the wealthy and most powerful people possess. It is the responsibility of the government to rule the country disregarding the gender, preferences on race, religion, culture etc of individuals. If a leader uses his powers in a very undemocratic way bad consequences may happen to the citizens and as well as for the country. It is the responsibility of the citizens to vote a person who comes to power not because he is eager to power but to protect the people and find solutions for the problems on behalf of them. Before the glorious revolution citizens of United Kingdom wanted to obtain even their basic rights from the monarchy. Monarchy of the United Kingdom did not want to deliver any rights to its individuals. Therefore they rebelled against the king. As a result these people were able to obtain their civil and political rights to a certain extent. Second World War paved the way for European countries to demand their rights from the council of Europe in order to protect from harmful and destructive incidents like world war. Due to the pressure from international community United Kingdom played a major role in drafting the convention. Even though it was ratified by United Kingdom in 1951 they refused to incorporate the convention in to domestic law. Tony Blair introduced the Human rights Act by incorporating the convention in to domestic law in 1998. United Kingdom has certain obligations under this treaty and citizens of United Kingdom enjoyed many rights under this treaty. Present Prime Minister of United Kingdom plays a major role in repealing the Human Rights Act 1998 by replacing it with a British Bill of Rights. There is a huge ongoing constitutional debate in United Kingdom about adopting a Bill of rights by repealing the Human rights act.

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