Human Rights Essay

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Suppose you have committed a crime, broken the laws of society and have been sentenced to a certain amount of time in prison. As someone who has broken the law you are expecting to be punished for your acts and have a certain amount of your rights taken away. The problem is how many of those rights get taken from you, and how long do they get taken away for. Do all of your rights get taken away no matter how small the crime since you have broken the law and violated the basic human rights of others, or do only a certain amount of your rights get taken away since the crime you committed may or may not be violent? Another dilemma with prisoners is now long they should be kept inside their prison cell instead of being allowed to go into the general population. How long should they be caged up like an animal instead of allowed to roam free and socialize with other inmates. If you are a person incarcerated in prison then obviously you would want as much time out of your cell as you can get, however if you are a person who a crime has been committed against you would want that person locked up the entire time they are in prison. Yet one more issue within prisons is the sexual treatment of inmates by both other inmates as well as prison guards. This issue even though it is relevant is something people prefer not to talk about in hopes that if they ignore it, it may go away. Some people would argue that all criminals are the same and that even a small crime should result in having all of your rights taken away from you. They feel that a small crime even though it may not be violent is just the beginning and people would continue to digress committing crimes that are more and more violent as time goes on. They feel that the only way to deal with criminals is to “lock them up and throw away the key”. The question here is would that be fair to everyone to lock

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