Human Rights Essay

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In World War 2 Human Rights were being violated and completely disregarded all over the globe. The Japanese, the Jews, and the French-Canadians were only the beginning. The Japanese were sent to internment camps, the Jews were sent to concentration camps, and the French-Canadians were sent to war. Violations were everywhere. On December 7th 1941 the Japanese bombed an American naval base that was stationed in Hawaii. On December 18th 1941 the Japanese invaded Hong Kong, there they killed or imprisoned almost all of the 2000 Canadian soldiers who had been stationed there. After those events, the racial views about the Japanese sky rocketed to unreasonable heights. Just two short months later in February of 1942 Japanese-Canadians were fired from their jobs and had their homes, businesses and possessions taken from them and were sent to internment camps. Before the Japanese-Canadians were sent to internment camps they were told to pack a single bag and were taken to holding areas where they were to wait for trains to take them, these waits were often months long. The Japanese had many rights taken away, the right to education, freedom of expression and freedom from inhumane treatment-to name a few- it was not an easy time for them. In early 1942 the Canadian government designated “protected areas”, Japanese were not aloud into these areas, and were given very strict curfews that were heavily enforced by the police. Due to internment camps entire Japanese families were separated, the men were sent to work and the women and children sent to ‘shanty towns’ situated in the BC wilderness. There their homes were made of thin, flimsy wood and were without roofs. In January 1943 the Canadian government allowed the possessions of the Japanese-Canadians that had been taken from them or that they had left behind, to be sold. Their lives had almost completely been abolished.

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