Human Rights Essay

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A human rights essay deals with matters related to social relations and the state of security, social justice, environmental control through human endeavor, and enhanced quality of life. The role of humans differs in different countries, basically because of different geographical and social conditions. Over decades, people have learned to live with their environment. Living standards have been modified to suit climatic conditions, population, and output from land and water. We do notice a difference in the way natural wealth of a country is unevenly distributed among its people. It affords a valid reason for regulatory bodies dealing with human rights to be always vigilant. The global community has come to acknowledge uniform laws governing international human rights issues. There has been a lot of debate on sensitive issues like social justice. A sociology essay would be able to elaborate more on problems associated with it, but one of most important issues that governments face is that of inequality. It is the duty of the government in power, especially in third world countries, to remove suspicions that disparity creates in the minds and hearts of people. It is widely understood that corruption and bribery have taken strong roots in government circles and the judiciary. A human rights essay can suggest solutions. Political insecurity should not stretch for long periods of time. It leads to strife and war. Eventually, there is dearth of political will leading to chaos and misappropriation of funds and power. A long-term solution would be to strengthen the constitution even if it means dissolution of a political system. An essay on death penalty would serve as a useful example. People have in the past taken the initiative when laws were enacted to restrict conditions for the death penalty or to do away with it altogether. The act itself was termed as barbaric,

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