Human Resuorce Of Kfc Essay

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INTRODUCTION In this report the focus will be on the interviewing techniques of the three fast food restaurants as stated in the 1st deliverable i.e. MC DONALDS, KFC and PIZZA HUT. The interview techniques of these three fast food chain will be studied and compared. The research will be carried out by the visit to the organizations. A skilful effort of will be made to access the HR department of the organization. The data regarding the initiation of the process to the selection of the right candidates for the right job will be observed and analyzed. This analysis will lead to the study of the effectiveness of the process. The process includes: * Recruiting * Selecting * Performing * Training of the employees of the organization KFC KFC state them as the employee’s home. KFC say it as “Work to live is our philosophy at KFC. It's about balancing a challenging and rewarding career with the flexibility to live a little. It's about mixing a lively, friendly culture with some exceptional management training to help you achieve your career aspirations. Mostly, it's about being you.” RECRUITMENT AND SECLECTION PROCESS: There is a proper application process in the KFC. They hire their employees by going through the whole process. And the process is clearly stated for the applicants. They’ve mapped out the journey involved in the application process from beginning to end and will assist you every step of the way. | The above diagram states this process * Directed to site by one of our web cards or KFC ads. * Search our jobs. * Complete our online job application form. * Complete our online quiz. * You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application and that you will hear from us again within 48 hours. * If you are unsuccessful

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