Human Resources Management Essay

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In a tight labour market effective employee selection decisions have never been more important to organisational success. Organisations need quality staff that can operate in an environment of increasing complexity and change. INTRO 125 words. Human Resource Management (HRM) is the policies that underline a company’s approach to managing the human capital of their organisation. This includes performance management, recruitment policy, training procedures, and employment policies. Human Resource Management is a procedure which is aimed at maximizing the performance of their staff in the direction of an organisations strategic vision. [ REFERENCE] HRM policy begins with the strategic vision of the organisation. The direction and ambition of a company reflects on the HRM policies of the organisation. HRM policies may be simply a regulatory policy whereby they must be adhered to by law or they may be something that the organisation wants to instil in people to promote a particular type of culture. This starts with correct recruitment as once the wrong people are in an organisation they may cause a cancer from within, which may be difficult to change once they are established. For this reason most major firms have at least a two-step process when conducting recruitment as many checks and balances must be seen before recruiting an individual to ensure that the correct candidate for the company and their culture is recruited into the organisation. [REFERENCE] The strategic vision of an organisation is closely tied in with expected outcomes. In order to achieve outcomes within an organisation, it requires strongly defined goals and a key company vision. From here we can begin to create a HRM with a Performance Management System (PM). HRM and PM are intrinsically linked and cannot be viewed in isolation of each other (Nankervis, et al. 2008) PM has a very

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