Human Resources Management Essay

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Benefits of Employee Motivation and Training Employees are the most valuable resources in every company. They are engaged in the flow of industrial, financial and other resources to ensure the company functions and makes profit. Each employee’s needs should be viewed beyond the financial motives. When they are satisfied, the company tends to produce more and provide quality and efficient services to the customers. Multinational Enterprises such as the Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s Companies rely on the employees’ efficiency to satisfy the requirements of different consumers worldwide. Coca Cola Company is a multinational beverage producer that serves over 200 countries and makes over 1.7 billion servings every single day. Mc Donald’s Company on the other hand is the leading food service retailer on a global scale. It has over 35,000 restaurants and serves over 70 million people each day (Christine, 2002). Because of the efficient human resource management (HRM), the two companies have continued to dominate the beverage and fast food sectors. The key contributing factors of HRM to the companies are the motivation of workers and training and development of workers (Heylighen, 1992). Motivation is an important concept in HRM. It is usually common to hear that a company does not perform well due to failure of its employees to perform as required. Motivation can be understood as the desire that an individual has to get work done (Foster, 2008). If one has motivation to accomplish a particular task, then the end result would be as per requirement of the consumer. Absence of motivation can lead to underperformance such as production of poor quality services, slow production affecting the supply chain and also lead to loss of competitiveness. One of the known theories of motivation is the Maslow’s need hierarchy developed by Abraham Maslow. According to Heylighen

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