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Human Resources Assessment Task The human resources management (HRM) at Crumpler is influenced by process such as acquisition, development, maintenance and separation. The role of technology and economic conditions also has a major impact on the businesses function. The management of strategies in human resources include; leadership style, recruitment, training and development, rewards, global workplace disputes is the responsibility of Dave Roger, Will Miller and Sam Davy (Crumplers general mangers) Crumpler is considered to be a small business, as it has a workplace of about 20 full-time employees. Because Crumpler is given its size, they don’t have a specific human resources department, buy this service is conducted by senior management of the business. In-house staff handles all aspects of Crumplers business operations. Acquisition function includes Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Induction of employees. Human Resources Management uses the scientific selection procedure for selecting the right man for the right post. The right man is given proper placement and induction. Crumpler believes that acquiring good staff is an essential aspect of the success of the business. It is the responsibility of the staff to design and sell the produce. Acquisition for Crumpler occurs through the traditional means of print media recruitment and, more recently, the use of online position advertising. One priority for Crumpler has been recruiting staff from different cultural backgrounds, to get a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. Development involves preparing employees for future responsibilities within the organization due to a change in the businesses strategies or a growth in the size or market share. Providing staff with a wider range of experiences results in greater flexibility and increased capacity for change to take

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