Human Resources Case Study

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John Appleton St. John University MBA533-Human Resources for Managers Dr. Dan Lavalier July 27, 2014 According to several websites that I reviewed on the internet, there are several areas of concern I, as the Human resources director would be concerned enough about that I would encourage management to hold a two day seminar for those personnel getting ready to depart to panama. Topics I would encourage to be reviewed are law and working conditions; labor relations laws and regulations; Panamanian laws and traditions; customs and cultures; housing, environmental issues; drug enforcement and screening; and decency laws as well. Other areas of interest that might be good to divulge to the personnel going abroad are business etiquette issues that the Panamanians expect in their society. For example, in panama, women are seen as being in charge of cleaning, cooking, and raising children. They are also advised to not go into bars or nightclubs alone. In the business community, when a greeting takes place, whether it is between two men, two women, or two people of the opposite sex, a handshake to greet in necessary with direct eye contact between the two interested parties. After an initial greeting, two women or a man/woman greeting is normally completed with a light kiss on the cheek. When conducting business and conversing, touching of another while conversing is frowned upon. Finally important to know is to basically dress for success. Men in Dark colored suits with a conservative tie, and women are expected to be in business suits, dresses with matching shoes, or pants. It is always very important to use address business adversaries with their respected title, or use the work “Don” in front of a male name or “Dona” in front of a female name. The Panamanian culture and business world is different from the norm in the United States, with the Populace of two

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