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ANSWER FOR QUESTION 1 CASE 1 EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION IN A GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION" Q1. Discuss the long-term relevance of motivational techniques used by Baheti in the light of prevailing environment in the organization. ANS: Some of the most successful managers and executives have achieved their objectives by aligning the aims of their employees with those of their organization. Once an employee is able to understand, and empathize with the overall aims of the organization, they are generally more motivated towards achieving them. Having ensured that the organization and the employees are working towards the same objectives, managers can then focus on exactly which motivational techniques can be implemented to facilitate the achievement of these goals. It is clear that there are both positive and negative motivational factors which can lead to the achievement of objectives. These can be summarized as either fear or reward factors. This fear factor can indeed lead to good results in the short-term but, in the long-term; the employees are likely to be more focused upon whether or not they will be keeping their jobs, rather than upon fulfilling overall business objectives. Positive motivational factors are also many and varied and, although these may lead to long-term gains, they too can have negative aspects to them. Offering rewards and incentives is indeed motivational, but it is important to make sure that these are deserved and that recognition is given to the right person at the right time. The motivational techniques used by Baheti are Appreciation, Rewarding, Recognizing and Awarding Appreciation (Personal Motivation) Appreciate the employee/operator individually. Display operator of the month in notice board. Face to face interaction and motivating employee frequently. Timely appreciation for the good work and other excellence has made the

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