Human Resources Essay

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The two main responsibilities of employers under HSE act are- 1. To ensure the safety of employees by taking all practicable steps which includes their workplace or any other sites construction, farming etc. and also to think about all the ways in which an employee could be harmed and do all the safety measures to prevent the possible accident. 2. Ensuring all the equipments and machinery are safe to use and make sure all that machinery is getting proper maintenance time to time. Employees should not be exposed to hazards either, employers has to identify all the hazards and eliminate them. Two responsibilities of employees are- 1. To take all practicable steps to ensure their own safety at work such as using all the personal protective equipment and clothing and to work in a safe manner that they or nobody else gets harmed by their action and to follow all the safety measures. 2. Employees have the right to refuse to do work which can possibly be a harm factor to them. If they identify a possible risk they can refuse to work and tell the employer about it and ask for protective gear if needed. They should never try to work in unsafe environment. As a health and safety representative for a hazard identification exercise first of all I would have give everyone the knowledge and skill to identify, analyse and control strategy to reduce any hazardous conditions in the workplace. Every employee must be told all about the hazardous things in the area they are working in because HAZARD+EXPOSURE=ACCIDENT In our case study there are so many things in a kiwifruit pack house that can be hazardous. Proper skills and knowledge can eliminate that. Observation is an important part in daily workplace safety. Employee and managers can spot hazardous things even when they are doing other tasks. Proper induction and training is the

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