Human Resources Essay

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HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (HRM) : is the department within an organization that concentrates on interviewing, recruiting, managing and directing employee-related processes. Human resource management is used to plan and coordinate various administrative and staffing related functions. This area of management is the link between new or existing employees and management. HRM handles functions associated with performance management, compensation, safety, benefits, employee motivation, training and organizational development. FIVE FUNCTIONAL AREAS OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (HRM) HRM has five functional areas that include: Staffing, Human Resource Development (HRD), Compensation and Benefits, Safety and Health, and Employee and Labor Relations. STAFFING Achieving organizational objectives requires having the proper number of employees with the appropriate skills. Staffing accomplishes this objective through four tasks. The first task is JOB analysis, which examines specific JOB functions in determining the skills, duties and knowledge required for each position. The second task is ensuring that the required numbers of employees, with the appropriate skills, are available when needed organizations engage in Human Resource Planning (HRP). The third task is recruitment, which is the process of attracting enough skilled people to apply for jobs in the organization. Fourth, the last step in the staffing process is selection. This involves choosing the best suited individuals to fill the open positions in the firm. HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT (HRD) Human resources development has six major functions which includes training, development, career planning, career development, organizational development and performance appraisal. Training is a process designed to provide employees with the knowledge and skills needed for their present job. Focusing on long-term

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