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to achieving sustainable competitive advantage, that human resources The term ‘human resource management’ (HRM) has been subjected to considerable debate. The concept is shrouded in managerial hype and its underlying philosophy and character is highly controversial because it lacks precise formulation and agreement as to it’s significance. Nonetheless, definition of the subject matter is given according to Bratton and Gold (1999:11) as: “That part of the management process that specializes in the management of people in work organizations. Human Resources Management emphasizes that employees are critical practices need to be integrated with the corporate strategy, and that human resource specialists help organizational controllers to meet both efficiency and equity objectives.”Human Resource Management has been defined by Scott,Clothier and Spriegel as that branch of management which is responsible on a staff basis for concentrating on those aspects of operations which are primarily concerned with the relationship of management to employees and employees to employees and with the development of the individual and the group. Naturally, the definition of human resource management would be incomplete without further explaining what the terms ‘human resources’ and ‘management’ are. First and foremost, people in work organizations, endowed with a range of abilities, talents and attitudes, influence productivity, quality and profitability. People set overall strategies and goals, design work systems, produce goods and services, monitor quality, allocate financial resources, and market the products and services. Individuals, therefore, become ‘human resources’ by virtue of the roles they assume in the work organization. Employment roles are defined and described in a manner designed to maximize particular employees’ contributions to achieving

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