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Performance Appraisals Personnel Supervision M15 Kelli Heinz November 9, 2012 Performance Appraisals What happens when you hire a person who does not measure up to your expectations? Performance appraisals are a valuable tool to coach an employee to meet your performance expectations. A performance appraisal is a formal system used to review and evaluate individuals or team task performances (Mondy, 2012, p.410). Performance appraisals serve many purposes and managers need to know how to properly conduct a performance appraisal meeting. There are several ways to conduct a performance appraisal that is beneficial to the manager and the employee. Also, there are factors to be measured when appraising an employee and ethical issues involved in an appraisal that need to be considered, and certain problems with performance appraisals that should be addressed (Newstrom, 2012, p. 320). A successful appraisal interview should be structured in a way that allows both the supervisor and the employee to view it as a problem solving rather than a fault-finding session (Mondy, 2012 p.411). A productive performance meeting serves as a collaborative planning session during which both the supervisor and the employee can take an in-depth look at past and current performances and can set new goals and objectives. Human Resource Services can assist supervisors in a number of ways with regard to the performance appraisal process and addressing employee performance problems. These include reviewing a performance appraisal for completeness and proper wording prior to the appraisal meeting, helping make decisions regarding the overall evaluation, and providing guidance with regard to the disciplinary process (Supervisor’s Guide to Performance Appraisals, n.d.). Nearly all employees want to know how they are doing. Feedback to employees helps improve their

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