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Human Resources Essay

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HRM and Ethical Policies Final Paper
Lisa Collins, Julie Dobbins, Kathy Cheney, Pamela Johnson, Hosanna Smith
Webster University
Managing Human Resources
HRMG 5000
Ronna Arnold
March 01, 2011

Five researchers, Lisa Collins, Julie Dobbins, Kathy Cheney, Pamela Johnson and Hosanna Smith researched Human Resource Management (HRM) and ethical policies detailing history, definitions, and corporation’s use of ethical policies and how HRM manages policies to employees.   The Internet was the biggest tool for the majority of the research with the textbook as an additional source of information.   The team addresses legal concerns and the future use of the Internet and social networks within the corporate structure.   A combination of individual research will touch on discrimination covering fair and equitable treatment in the workplace.   Analyzing the laws that affect the office such as Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 along with policies and HRM procedures from NBC Universal, Coca Cola, American Medical Response, Marriott, PepsiCo and the Air Force maintained the focus of the team.   Research shows that corporations and businesses still have difficulties managing human resources, especially with social media disrupting the workplace.

Table of Contents
Introduction 5

HRM and Ethical Policies Assignment #1 6

  Human Resource Management 7

  Ethics 8

  Discrimination 9

HRM and Ethical Policies Assignment #2 10

  Social Networking 10

  Internet 12

  Military and Social Media 15

HRM and Ethical Policies Assignment #3 20

  Company Policies 20

  FMLA 25

  PTO 26

  Code of Ethics 28

HRM and Ethical Policies Assignment #4 & 5 31

  Online Social Media Principles 31

  Coca Cola’s Five Core Values 32

  Coca Cola’s five principles of personal or unofficial online activities 33

  Paid Time Off - PTO 35

  USAJOBS.org -...

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