Human Resource Strategies Essay

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Human Resource Strategies Everest University Online MAN1030 Intro to Business May 30, 2013 Human Resource Strategies Being the Sales team manager I would gather my team, in an open environment and invite them to state their concerns on how the department has been ran. See if there are any changes they fill need to take place within the department. I would also be opened to ideas as well. In addition, I would give each team member a package that would contain up to date product information and information on where the company is headed. In this package you may also include a form that they can fill out with their comments and suggestions. Make sure the employees are able to stay anonymous and do not have to provide and signature. As the manager I would note any verbal input that was stated during the meeting and set a date to meet with each team member individually. I will then take the information I have gathered from our one on ones and look at it closely; see what effect if any and make changes that may have been suggested. Is this what effected Bob and Mary sales? In the following months I will then set up a team meeting to go over the revue of all sales. In addition set a time to go over there revue with each individually with them. It will be at this time as the manager I will be able to understand what was truly affecting Bob and Mary. I will be able to guide, reprimand or dismiss them. In management you have to remember Listening is the most powerful tool in being a manager. References William G. Nickels, J. M. (2013). Understanding Business. New York, NY:

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