Human Resource Managment Overview

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Human Resource Management Overview John Naron HRM/300 July 08, 2012 Dr. Tim Lolatte Human Resource Management is one of the most important departments in almost any business. The HR department are not only in charge of hiring and training skilled personnel, they also take the role of mediator for conflicts, determine salaries, and where many other hats. The HR department does not have the luxury of concentrating on just one item of business; they must have knowledge in several different areas so that they can intelligently discuss training needs and investigate problems. This essay will give a description of human resource management and determine what the primary function of the department is. This essay will also touch on just how the HR department fits in the strategic plan of a business. What is human resource management? Employees often wonder what human resource management really is. The only interaction they have with them is brief moments when they first start a job and when they turn in their resignations or two weeks’ notice! The HR departments in the 1960’s were glorified event planners but changes in hiring and employee practices have made them an irreplaceable department. Human resources is the department within a company that focuses on people. Human resources can be thought of as a personal guru for each employee. They choose them, train them, motivate them, and help them with problems and issues. Every employees looks to the department for guidance and f What does the human resource department really do? The federal government laws encourage and sometimes demand diversity in the work place and companies would never be able to maintain balance without a dedicated
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