Human Resource Management Roles Essay

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There are many different roles that human resources play in a healthcare organization. Human Resources help any company to gain or maintain an edge against its competitors. The grand plan or general approach an organization adopts to ensure that it effectively uses its people to accomplish its mission, and in the healthcare filed that mission is to save lives (Gómez-Mejía, David B. Balkin, and Robert L. Cardy, 2010) There are many functional roles that human resources have and they all play a big role on not only on the company but the employees as well. Some of the roles are Recruiting, Training and Development, Benefits and Employee Services. Recruiting Staffing of employees contains human resources recruiting employees that will be at the right place at the right time and ensuring company gain. Many companies face many choices while recruiting, selecting employees for different position. The choices could be promoting within the company instead of out. This could also boost employee morale. Giving supervisors the right to hire instead of HR. Hiring someone that seem to be a good fit weather then hiring them based on their knowledge of the company. Training Training and career development activities are designed to help an organization meet its skill requirements and to help its employees realize their potential. Human resources role with training would be too decided if the training should be handled within the company or allow an outside source complete the training. Another decision that HR would have to make is should they train individual employees or should they train large groups of employees form different areas with the work place. HR must also decide whether or not to hire someone who already has the training that it needed rather than doing in-house training. This is also known as buying skills (Gómez-Mejía, David B. Balkin, and Robert L. Cardy,
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