Human Resource Management Planning Essay

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“Has Human Resource Management Planning assumed a new relevance in the present economic context?” Word count: 3,105 Essay Plan- 1. Introduction. 2. Human resource management planning definition, mergers and restructuring. 3. Downsizing within companies and the relation to human resources. 4. Challenges human resources face after downsizing. 5. Globalization and human resource management Planning. 6. Conclusion. 1. Introduction Human resource management planning has indeed undertaken a new relevance in the present economic context. We are currently weathering one of the worst economic periods of our history. With these new economic uncertainties come new challenges to business. While profits may have soared for many companies in the boom and bubble times they now face a new reality. Company’s objectives are now focused on simply staying in business. This essay will examine aspects of human resource management with an overall view to the developed world however it will focus in detail on Ireland. As these objectives are now at the forefront of every business an area that has taken a complete new relevance is human resource management. Throughout this essay several aspects of human resource management planning will be focused on. How they have taken a new bearing will also be discussed. Some other areas that will be discussed are downsizing and how it takes place within a company. The several ways a company may downsize its operations and the new methods managers are employing to make sure that morale isn’t lost within the company during the new actions taken by the organizations to cut costs. Another aspect that will be outlined will be how mergers and restructuring relate to human resource management planning. 2. As mentioned in the introduction human resource management planning has of course undertaken a new relevance in the current
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