Human Resource Management In Hilton Singapore Essay

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I. Introduction Singapore, is a city-state in South-East Asia, a destination of multicultural traits notably where the East meets the West, Hilton Singapore Hotel is in this mix it belongs to Hilton Hotel Corporation and is located in the central commercial area of downtown in Singapore. Hilton Hotel Corporation is the one of the most successful hotel corporations and is a significant hospitality organization – measured by number of rooms, it is the world’s fifth largest hotel operator. Hilton Singapore Hotel is a good representative of Hilton Hotel Corporation. Interestingly, due to the population and demographic in Singapore, it has a unique recruitment method The aim of this essay is to investigate one member of Hilton Hotel Corporation, which is, Hilton Hotel Singapore on the issues of human resources in the processes of its business expansion as a foreign operation in Singapore: Recruitment, Training and Rewards. Among which, this essay stresses on the specific strategy of Recruitment followed by a brief organizational background of the corporation. Finally, the essay concludes with strategic recommendations to support the expansion and assure continuous growth of Hilton Hotel in Singapore. Key words: Hilton Singapore Hotel, Singapore, Recruitment, Training, Rewards, Attraction, Retention II. Body 1.0 Organization background As the parent company of Hilton Singapore Hotel, the first Hilton Hotel was established in 1919 by Conrad Hilton in the United States. On the December 1st 1964, the company separated its international operations into a separate trade company which was called Hilton International Company. Since 2006, Hilton Hotel Corporation agreed to reacquire the Hilton International from the British-based Hilton Group. This combination makes Hilton Hotel Corporation enlarged its business territories (Bowers, 2005). The Hilton Hotel in

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