Human Resource Management Essay

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Chapter 9: Management development, management development process (figure 9.1), management inventory, management succession plan, needs assessment - Process concerned with developing the experience, attitudes, and skills necessary to become or remain an effective manager - - Specialized expanded form of skills inventory for an organization’s current management team; in addition to basic types of info, it usually includes a brief assessment of past performance and potential for advancement. - Chart or schedule that shows potential successors for each management position within the organization. - A systematic analysis of the specific management development activities required by the organization to achieve its objectives. 3 areas of training objectives: instructional, organizational and departmental, & individual performance and growth - Instructional objectives might incorporate targets relating to the number of trainees to be taught, hours of training, cost per trainee, and time required for trainees to reach a standard level of knowledge. - Organizational and departmental objectives concern the impact the programs will have on organizational and departmental outcomes, such as absenteeism, turnover, safety, and number of grievances. - Individual and personal growth objectives concern the impact on the behavioral and attitudinal outcomes of the individual. They may also involve the impact on the personal growth of the individuals participating in the programs. 5 on the job methods used in management development, 9 off the job methods used in management development (table 9.3) - Understudy assignments, Coaching, Experience, Job rotation, Special projects and committee assignments - Classroom training, Lectures, Case studies, Role playing, In-basket technique, Adventure learning, Business simulations, University and professional association

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